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 Mr. Cox talks with Dr. Howard about his pain relief with Stem Cells.

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Miss Frances tells how stem cells have her active again and pain free!

Allison V's Testimonial (Age 43)

"I came to Compass Cellular Healing on the advice of my therapist.  I have been dealing with anxiety for some time and he suggested that I talk to Dr. Howard about the physiological aspects of my anxiety. What I found was so much more. I came into this practice knowing very little about functional medicine.  In only 7 weeks of working with Dr. Howard, I understand and know more about what’s going on inside my body than I ever have. I now understand how hormonal imbalances paired with food sensitivities have been contributing to both anxiety and depression.  My own body has been fighting against itself for a very long time.  Getting my hormones in balance,  learning to eat clean (and still yummy) foods are making it possible to function as a whole person.  My anxiety is still there, it’s still real.  The difference now is that I have a real chance to get a handle on it instead of it handling me.  In only a short time I feel better overall.  I have improved sleep, less brain fog, and am experiencing realistic, sustainable weight loss. I am excited about continued healing and wholeness. . Howard is exactly who he advertises.  He is kind, patient, thorough, and most of all he cares.  This is evident in how he speaks to me as a person, as a friend,  and not as a five minute visit." 


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Dr. Howard injects his own son, Parker, with stem cells.

Stem cells heal Parker's wart, and eventually cures it!

(Stay tuned for the follow-up video.)

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