Going Keto?

November 13, 2018

The Keto Diet is a hot topic, and for good reason. You CAN lose weight, even if it's been hard for you to lose weight before. The Keto Diet has also been shown to maintain mental capacity and muscle mass as we age.


I personally follow a Paleo-Keto diet, and I've enjoyed the results...weight under control, more energy, better sleep...but I've had my bouts with Keto Flu. And let me tell you, it's not a happy three days if you don't have someone helping to monitor your medical condition each week and walk you through these changes.


I am currently working with clients who are battling diabetes, fibromyalgia, auto- immune diseases and even irritable bowel syndrome, and who are using these diets—along with exercise—to reverse their disease.


Yes. Reverse their disease. Imagine being on diabetes medication or insulin and with simple lifestyle changes in diet or exercise, actually coming off medication with much less likelihood of any of the terrible complications of diabetes including blindness, amputations and heart disease. Not to mention sticking your finger three times a day.


First, let me assure you there is no single solution or approach for everyone when it comes to Type II Diabetes Reversal or reversal of autoimmune disease, Fibromyalgia or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. At Compass Cellular Healing, we use a comprehensive, holistic approach, with research proven methods to enact change and reach your goals. I don’t believe you were born to be unhealthy and have those diseases. Instead, I believe you can change it. 


Our programs, which are usually about 12 weeks long, include an initial consultation, and allow us to spend about an hour session each week, guiding you so that you can understand how food and exercise can help you heal. Because our programs are physician led, we can monitor your medications and make adjustments as necessary.

And if you follow our program, you can experience health like you never thought possible. You'll find more information here.

Want to taste of some of the delicious ways we help you to be successful? Download a copy of our simple tasty recipes, including Chicken Enchilada Soup, One-Pan Creamy Italian Chicken or Creamy Garlic Mushrooms.

And please, don't wait for the holidays to be over before you start your path to better health. You can have the occasional treat. Like our Strawberry Mug Shortcake. Call to schedule your appointment, or feel free to use our online appointment scheduler.

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