Clean up your house!

Do you have only one person who helps you care for your home? Or, do you have a team of people who help you care for your home's needs inside and out? You probably have a plumber, an electrician, a roofing contractor, a painter, a carpenter and lawn care professionals. All of those people are important for the overall beauty and maintenance of your home. To properly care for your home it requires all of these components working together and being properly maintained so that your home can last as long as possible and give you the best living experience. 

Why would you expect that your body would be any different?

Most of us have more than one healthcare practitioner that we trust for our healthcare needs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill those needs in one location with a practice that offered a comprehensive approach to keeping you healthy and correcting disease? Just as keeping your home in perfect shape requires maintenance from multiple areas so does your body. This has never been more true than with stem cell therapy.


Right now, stem cell therapy is a very hot topic. These therapies are being shown to reduce disease and improve health and longevity. There are many types of practices and practitioners offering stem cell therapy. How many of those practices are addressing all of the issues that need to be considered when optimizing your results from your stem cell therapy?


Several years ago, when I first started learning stem cell therapy, I was trained by a practitioner who had embraced treating the overall individual, not just a joint, to improve the results from stem cell therapies. The success rate with modifying certain risk factors and mitigating other disease processes has been proven to be very valuable and increase the success of the stem cell therapy for the patient. This is important to maximize the return on investment as well as to improve the overall result and the patients outcome.

My background in surgery and functional medicine allows us at Compass Cellular Healing to take a holistic approach to managing a patient and their expectations. At Compass Cellular Healing we embrace a wide variety of tactics to improve the patient’s body, their overall health and physiologic state and maximize results from any therapy, not just stem cells. When you consider who you will go to for stem cell therapy, whether it is for a bad knee, shoulder or hip or for a more complicated disease like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, please co


nsider the breath and depth of the practice and the practitioner providing the therapy.


Are they considering all factors that will maximize your results?


Are they competent at evaluating disease from a holistic perspective?


It is easy to find an orthopedic surgeon PA or nurse practitioner who can inject a joint or start an IV. Those are a dime a dozen. What is not so easy and what is much harder to find is someone who  can evaluate your body and your specific situation in totality and modify the factors that will maximize your results. Getting an injection of stem cells in your knee, that costs thousands of dollars, by a practitioner  that is not addressing other factors that will improve your success, reduce disease burden, and increase your longevity is like only hiring a lawn care professional to maintain your home. Your yard may look great but the rest of your house will not be in order. It will be only a short time before you begin to have more problems. 


So, before you consider getting a stem cell injection, either for systemic purposes and disease mitigation, or for an ailing joint, please consider whether the practice or practitioner you are choosing is offering you the comprehensive nature of care that will most assuredly result in the outcome you most desire. I can assure you that at Compass Cellular Healing those other factors will be addressed, discussed with you, and modified so that you will achieve the best result possible.

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