Lyme Disease

- Lyme Disease -

Lyme disease affects an untold number of Americans.

Lyme disease can affect every system in the body. Including digestive, endocrine, neurological, psychological and musculoskeletal.

Many patients spend their time going from doctor to doctor looking for an explanation as to why they have nondescript or vague symptoms. All the while this is Lyme disease affecting multiple systems in the body in different ways.

In my experience as a medical doctor, I have found that many different therapies must be combined to achieve success in treating Lyme patients.

We can help!

Unfortunately many practitioners treat Lyme disease with no clear objective in mind. Many therapies currently prescribed for those with Lyme disease do not address the underlying problems and have undesired side effects. Our unique approach to treating Lyme disease at Compass Cellular Healing in Nashville includes IV and ozone therapy, and offers little or no side effects and no down time.

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