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  • Starting in our 30s our bodies begin to change. Over the months and years, the almost unnoticeable decline in energy and ability sneaks in. The changes are physiologic in nature. And to our parents and older friends, the outcome is unmistakable, almost taken for granted. “It’s all downhill past 35” they say. But, is it really over after 35?

Nashville Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women, depends on how you handle the situation. If you choose to deny your body of the support it needs as it gets older and begins this transition, then you will no doubt feel that life can be drastically different after the age of 35 or so. On the other hand, if you are proactive and learn the steps that can be taken to support your body during this transition, you can actually embrace getting older and not be affected by the changes of your body’s physiology if you use hormone therapy.

By the way, this change starts at different times for each one of us.

The question you are asking now is why does this change happen?

Both men and women experience hormonal imbalances. The incidence of hormone imbalances increase as we age. This typically starts in our mid to late 30’s. However, many factors influence hormone balance, such as a history of trauma, major illness, and toxin exposure, and hormone level decline can begin earlier. Hormone deficiencies can cause a variety of symptoms including increasing belly fat, weight gain, fatigue, thyroid disease, hair loss, insomnia, depression, anxiety, brain fog, and sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, anorgasmia and loss of libido). No longer must we accept this as “just a part of aging”.

At Compass Cellular Healing we offer definitive diagnostic testing and world class Nashville area Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women. We also use hormone therapy to treat Insulin Resistance, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Thyroid Dysfunction.

  • BHRT Therepy

Both women and men will benefit from bioidentical hormone supplementation.

• More energy
• Better mental clarity/focus
• Increased libido
• Helps maintain bone and muscle mass
• And more….

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There are many reasons to explain why our bodies begin to change at this time. Some call this a natural change in our function to signify us getting older and not being able to reproduce. If we don’t need to reproduce then we don’t need hormones. When you have less hormones, you experience, well, the symptoms of less hormones. For most of us that includes brain fog, weight gain, lethargy and a lower libido (sex drive).


While the previous explanation elucidates why some of these changes occur in our bodies, it does not necessarily explain all of the changes. There seems to be an additional, cumulative hindrance to the system. Meaning that we have the accumulation of stress both from inside our body and outside our body (i.e. diet, lack of sleep, physical stress, emotional stress, other health issues). This build up of stress stops our body from functioning optimally. Without going into boring details, the result is that hormone levels become imbalanced and again you experience all of the same symptoms that we have talked about above.


So here’s the bottom line, as we get older hormone levels naturally decline. This decline is further complicated and made worse by the accumulation of stress to your body. Without adequate levels of hormones our body’s function begins to suffer and decline. The end result is that we feel tired, we gain weight, we lose our desire to be intimate with our partners and we feel that life is on the decline.

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We are here to tell you, life is not over. We can also tell you that there is a safe solution to beating this problem. We have to approach the changes differently. Through our structured Nashville hormone replacement therapy, that is very safe and effective, our lives can continue to be enjoyable and full of activity.

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